Data Out the Door
Uncovering Employee Departure as a Signature Source of Data Loss

Cybersecurity is a resident topic in the news. From the Panama Papers to Target's POS system to Hillary Clinton's email faux pas- no person, place or thing escapes becoming victim of a data breach. Whether it's clicking on a phishing link or using insecure file transfer tools, for startups and small businesses, internal employees are often the biggest risks for a data breach.

We recently completed research to discover how and why internal data breaches happen so often and uncovered one incredibly scary reason - when employees leave a company, 85% admit to taking company data.

The good news is that preventing this doesn't have to be costly or time consuming - in this report, we're going to delve into this lurking cyber threat and provide achievable ways to lessen your vulnerability.

What data do they take?
How do they take it?
Why do they take it?
How we can protect your business.

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